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 How not to rock zettai ryouiki 101

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Head Maid
Head Maid

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PostSubject: How not to rock zettai ryouiki 101   Thu May 17, 2012 1:14 am

Okay so my title may seem interesting but this topic is actually very uninteresting

I am just very bitter that I cannot rock the zettai ryouiki look we all love so much. I know there will be girls able to do this but I probably won't be able to accomodate considering skirt length :< Don't want it to be too short.

So I'd like an open discussion (secretly for my benefit) on alternatives and I'll compile an official list (???)
Yes this post will be mildly uninformative and noneducational

*Usually require the use of a garterbelt, or sock glue if you have any
*Thigh high
>Sheer black (Sexy!)
>Garter topped (though unlikely t hey can hold themselves up.. feh!)

*Come in a variety of patterns (or solids) and can be commonly purchased from stores like CVS/Target/Wal-Mart to high end clothing stores
*Go to your waist
>"Knee high" solid, sheer top pattern 2 3 4
>Classic opaque black

-Knee highs/Over The Knees-
*May need sock glue (for OTK)
*Maid-esque socks are hard to find in stores, but you may have more luck than me Neutral
>Black with white lace top (Also comes b/b or w/w)
>Black black OTK

*Wow u show dem legs gurrl
>White white OTK
White ankle socks from bodyline
>Black black (can also be found in black with white bow. SD shipping is pretty fast and will get here in time for fanime)

What have you decided on? Classic knee socks? I'm thinking of resorting to making my own knee socks but I can't find the proper lace.
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Maid Cafe Staff
Maid Cafe Staff

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PostSubject: Re: How not to rock zettai ryouiki 101   Wed May 23, 2012 2:16 am

LOL you reeled me in with the title! > >

I'll be using black, semi-sheer knee highs that I got at a Halloween store two years ago. I feel ya on the whole skirt length thing; my skirt came to my knees, so I'm actually safety pinning it up a bit for the sake of zettai ryouiki hehe :3

Hmm.. I prefer long socks to short socks (for the maid uniform), so I think tights or pantyhose would be good alternatives. (Many girls sing praises for thigh highs but again, that's in conjunction with skirt length.) Personally, I don't like wearing pantyhose/tights 'cuz I find them kinda uncomfortable around the waist, but I like the sheer look that a lot of them have. If you're the same as me, then stockings/thigh highs would probably still be fine, even if you don't have zettai ryouiki.

So basically, since your skirt length prevents (S/A/B?-class) ryouiki anyway, it doesn't matter what kind of socks you wanna use :]

lol k there's my two cents on the topic of socks lolll
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PostSubject: Re: How not to rock zettai ryouiki 101   Wed May 23, 2012 2:32 am

ahah I was suckered in too!

For me I will be wearing the Extraordinary longer thigh high from sock dreams since these thigh highs can hold up on their own and are great for trying the zettai ryouiki since I always wanted to try it! Its these bad boys righthere!

I used to rock OTK and Tights the last 3 years at fanimaid but since this is my 4th year I wanted to try something a little different just to spice things up a little

Like Ayumi said people will sing praises of thigh highs but tights, OTK and ankle socks aren't bad choices! Our skirt lengths are all mostly up to the knee so it doesnt really matter on the sock choice as long as its comfy for the person and their personal tastes

as for getting cute Over the Knee/OTK socks or tights sock dreams, H&M and forever 21 are great places to hunt I actually have a white pair of OTK with cute lace on the top from Forever 21
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Maid Cafe Staff
Maid Cafe Staff

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PostSubject: Re: How not to rock zettai ryouiki 101   Wed May 23, 2012 10:43 pm

I was at Pier 39 last weekend, and they actually have a really amazing sock store there; they seriously have every kind of sock you could think of, I almost ended up with two pairs of boot socks. Only thing is that they are 1) kinda out of the way, and 2) a little pricey-- you could probably find most of the stuff in the store online for cheaper. :\
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PostSubject: Re: How not to rock zettai ryouiki 101   

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How not to rock zettai ryouiki 101
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