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 Miku Dance Contest@SF J-Pop Summit Festival

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PostSubject: Miku Dance Contest@SF J-Pop Summit Festival   Thu Jul 28, 2011 7:10 pm

Hi girls!

So as a lot of you know already, J-pop Summit Festival in San Francisco is having Danceroid as their guest!

Along with the two lovely girls, they are also doing a Miku Dance Contest which requires a video upload to them on Youtube, then requires votes. The 8 top people (groups and individuals) will get to dance on stage! The winner gets a Danceroid DVD, Miku stuff and a VIP pass to meet the celebrities (which... I don't know who other than Danceroid)

I'm planning to enter solo, but maybe other people might want to enter as a group? Our fellow maid Hakaru (Angelica) is a super pro at video taking and editing (and also the stage stuff) and offered to that kind of stuff if anyone needs it (I'm hyped for the HD pro-ness)
(Sorry Angelica if I made a mistake with the maid name or the details @_@)

So... is anyone planning to enter?

Btw, the song choices are

(1) LOL

(2) Emo LOVE

(3) Luka Luka Night Fever

(4) Twinkle x Twinkle

(5) Strobo Nights

(6) FirstKiss!

More details on their page but you have to press the like button to see it!
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Miku Dance Contest@SF J-Pop Summit Festival
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